Pruning General

We will carefully consider the individual characteristics of each tree – species, size, character, condition and location – complete a risk assessment before starting any works and ensure all our tree operations result in trees in an attractive, well-balanced and safe condition.

Crown Thinning

This process reduces the density of foliage of the whole crown by between 10% and 30% by removing weak, thin, crossing and dangerous branches and pruning sound branches to achieve safety, balance, shape, reduce weight, lessen wind resistance, produce more flower or fruit or train and encourage branch development in young trees.

Crown Lifting

This requires removing the lower branches from the main stem or branch system up to a specified height or line, when branches are obstructing properties, street furniture, pedestrians or vehicles.

Removal of Epicormic Growth and Basal Shoots

‘Epicormic growth’ refers to the shoots from activated buds found at the bole of the tree, on the main stem(s) and the base of the crown. Basal shoots grow at the bole of the tree. Epicormic
growth and Basal shoots are removed or thinned in general tree management.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction reduces the overall height and spread of the tree crown by a specified percentage, by shortening the branches to suitable growth points to maintain as far as possible the natural form and proportion of the species.

Crown Pollarding

This consists of removing all branches and limbs down to the original main limbs pollard points. In certain circumstances original pollard points can be removed to establish new ones.

Formative Pruning

Results in a mature tree free from major physical weaknesses


Bracing is a term used to describe the installation of cables, ropes and /or belts to reduce the probability of failure of one or more parts of the tree structure due to weakened elements under excessive movement.


Removal of dead branches. When removing these branches, cuts should not be made into living wood or bark as this may injure the tree.

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